Which Home Improvement Really Adds the Most Value to Your Home?

The question of which renovation project adds the greatest value to a home has always been a bit confusing to me. I understand that, within the Real Estate markets, certain improvements will be more attractive to potential buyers than others, and these will increase the sale price of your home. But are you renovating your home for your family’s enjoyment or for someone else to live in?

Home improvement projects can be expensive, so why focus on doing something to increase someone else’s happiness? I never understood that logic – but I’m open to hearing the rationale if anyone cares to discuss it with me. Maybe that’s because when JMF Construction does a remodeling project, we do it with your family in mind. We love to see the homes we help renovate pass from generation to generation in the same family. And we put the care – and materials – into a project that will withstand the passage of time.

Other contractors maximize their profits by cutting corners and using lower quality materials. They build for the sale of your home. We build for the comfort and enjoyment of your family. We don’t create a plan until we understand how your family will use the space you want to remodel. And we bring in designers and architects when needed so we are certain to truly improve your living space, not just “freshen it up.” It’s called home improvement for a reason. That reason has been lost by many contractors – especially those working through the big box stores.

So, which home improvement project should you start with? In my opinion, the home improvement project you should do first is the one that is going to allow your family to enjoy your home more – and for many years to come. There is a reason our motto is “We build the things your children will fight over when you die.” We earn that motto with every project by making your home a place that is much more enjoyable for you and your family – not just something that increases a sale price.

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